Domain Name Ownership

My friend Artur has been battling a problem for a client. I though I might share a word of warning for any who read this and are considering purchasing a domain name. It doesn’t matter if it’s for personal of business use, purchase the name yourself. Do this before you contact anyone about creating a website. DO NOT allow a web developer or a webmaster to tell you they will “take care of that for you.”

You could wind up not owning your own domain name. This is what Arthur’s  client just went through.

Many times when a webmaster or some big hosting company setups a site for a customer they register themselves as the owner of the domain name. Should you try and part ways some where down the road you could find yourself in a bind trying to regain control of your own domain name.

Registering a domain name is a simple process. There a several sites you can use, is one, Richard use Near the top of the of the Godaddy landing page you’ll see a rectangle with the words,

“Search For A New Domain.”

Type in the name you’ve chosen and click go. The site will tell you if the domain name is available or not and offer options if the one you what is not available. If it is available follow the instruction and purchase the domain yourself. Once you’ve completed that process you can buy web hosting from godaddy or somewhere else. Either way the hosting service will help you get your website up and running or you can hire a web designer.

Whatever you do, do not sign away control of your domain name. Set up your hosting and give you web designer the logon name, password and web address. That is all they need to publish their designs and changes to your web. They don’t need access to your Godaddy or account. When they’re done you change the password, that way you maintain control of your name and website and save a lot of headaches.

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