For Shawn, the last living adult male of the MacKenna line, life as an agriculturist is peaceful and productive, until reps from the mining consortium appear on Caladon Colony and lay claim the mineral wealth lying beneath the surface of the entire planet.

Their arrival signals danger and Shawn makes the decision to flee Caladon with his wife Moriah and Martin their young son. But one large problem stands in their way.

A new law enacted by the Governing Quorum requiring all those migrating to other colonies submit to genetic testing to determine their lineage. Testing that he is sure to will become universal in the near future. Shawn knows full well those tests will expose his family’s existence to the Blood Hunters.

With his close friends Arturo Santiago, Liam McDonald and their families, they slip away from their homes and world barely two steps ahead of the Blood Hunters. After three long cycles of planet jumping, the weary families arrive at their new home.

Venturi Arriesagado, a world unknown to the Governing Quorum or to the colonies. Here they vanish from all colonial records — for a time — determined to make a fresh start. For Shawn, it’s a safe place to rebuild the MacKenna clan and declare openly — in the future — his decedents are the heirs to Asperia throne and that the Royal Line still lives.

The Arrisians colonist struggle against time, forces of nature, and the threat of political and social revenge to become self-sustaining and declare themselves the first free-formed government in the colonial empire, thereby defying the Governing Quorum’s master plan: The Theory of Ordered Colonization.

Little do Shawn and Arturo realize, this isolated world and their decedents will become a focal point and the spearhead for total colonial independence, and what upheaval the families will face. A movement that threatens the Governing Quorum’s and Mining Consortium’s existence and their supreme power over the colonies. Members of the Blood Hunters’ cult are determined to see that never happens.

The Series