Venturi Arriegado as Found

Where it Began and Why.

The journey and the inspiration for my series, The MacKenna Saga, starts in 1990 when a friend asked me to help with her science fiction novel. As less than a novice, I had to first learn to write ā€” no easy task for a dyslexic. After a few years we finished the first book in what would turn into our, Tyranny Series. We had begun the second book and I discovered I loved writing . Thus began the search for ideas to author my own science fiction series. A chance meeting with an elderly gentleman claiming to have records left on Earth by explorers stranded on our world for a short time put my feet upon a path and a twenty year journey.

Iā€™d read only the first half dozen pages in the first volume he offered and I knew at once I had to tell these stories. The old gent who introduced me to these histories gave me Xeroxed copies of the volumes with one proviso, I would show them to no one else, and return them when I finished. The MacKenna Saga is the translation and rendering ā€” in my own words ā€” of those family records dating back further then I ever thought possible. The journals records the story of two families, their descendants, and the over two hundred millennial journey through the history of their worlds.

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