The Data
The scrolls and journals were old. How old will never be determined since the owners fear some university demanding access to them and the family could lose control. Or worse yet, government confiscation. Therefore, the original works will never be revealed to the public nor allow tests run on them.  According to the two men these records have passed down for more than 1800 years. Each generation has added their experiences and memories to the family's collection. The records grew until the volumes and materials have become so numerous they were difficult to manage.

With the advent of computers the task of scanning all these records in began. The project took years and consumed huge amounts of storage space back then. Even with today’s increased hard drive capacity the amount needed is huge, pedabytes and still growing. Due to the fragile condition of the older scrolls, most of those have been copied, preserved, and hidden away.

The earliest scrolls were written in an unknown language. Thay remained a tantalizing mystery until 1996, when Liam discovered the key, his Rosetta Stone as it were. The process of translating the scrolls into Gallic and then into English began and was well underway by 1997. The work yielded some startling revelations. At that point, grandfather and grandson realized that many of the ancient manuscripts were more than just a family history.

One odd, metal encased book being the heart of their collection, was made of an unknown shinny silver alloy (unknown to me anyway). The book measured eleven by fourteen inches closed. When pressed, a small, blood red ruby on the side released the cover and it hinged open. Inside the three inch thick volume were hundreds of pages made of a thin, opaque material. The sheets were crammed with Viking and Celtic like runes. The pages could be removed with a gentle tug for easier viewing and slide back into place just as easily. They could not be replace in the wrong order, as they were somehow keyed to a specific location.

While many theorize, hypothesize, pontificate, and postulate about the possibility of life beyond our planet, the presence of these records proves, at least to the few who have seen and handled the original materials or viewed the translations, there is human life on other worlds. Some of those people long ago wound up stranded on Earth for a short time. They left behind records, evidence of their existence.

Since the authoring of books themselves would expose the owners to public scrutiny, the old gent requested I put the tale of their ancestors lives, their entire story into words. That I have chosen to start this account with Kalen MacKenna’s story, in a place that is considered by the family the middle of the tale was a choice left up to me. “Dreams and Deceptions” is by no means the beginning of the MacKenna story. It is for me the place to best begin retelling the tale.

The Series