Almost S Whisper ISO Cover 6

A wounded veteran of the Afghan conflict, Lincoln Mosley is drawn to a small town in northern Arizona, where life’s changes are as sudden and dramatic as the weather in the White Mountains. A promise he made to his grandfather at age twelve and still honors leads him to a broken family in need of his strength. A love he could never imagine, and a life and death struggle to preserve both.

Forced to cut all ties to her family, Lisa Cummings flees Seattle with her four daughters to escape the death threats of her abusive ex-husband. Driving through a storm, along the unfamiliar roads of Arizona’s high country, a life-threatening accident changes her life and the lives of her children forever.

From Lincoln’s dramatic introduction to Lisa and her children to their life and death chase across northern Arizona and New Mexico wilderness, love’s proof comes in gestures so subtle, for Lisa they are Almost A Whisper.