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This Series

As all mortal men do, Shawn MacKenna and Arturo Santiago have passed into memory. The legacy of their family names and dreams are passed on to future generations. Martin MacKenna and James Santiago continue those hope for building the two families into strong clans once again.

These sons are already men, married with sons of their own. Martin's son Russell, and James' two sons Quintin and Ramon, and his daughter Angel, are well on their way to continuing Shawn's and Arturo’s dream. But those hopes are derailed when pride, vanity, jealousy, lust, distrust, and misplaced anger tear a deep rift in the bond forged and maintained for over two hundred millennia.

The five books of The MacKenna Saga, brings us to the circle's end. We learn first hand how the hidden wedges in our lives, if not dealt with in our youth, become embedded in our being and can have a powerful and profound impact on future generations of children. It shows how one man can repair those bonds, reinvigorated them with truth, trust, and love and thus restore the dreams of two beloved men, long gone but not forgotten.

The MacKenna Saga:
Dreams and Deceptions
Plots and Prophecies
Prophecy’s Pawn
Prophecy’s Knight
Prophecy’s Queen